10 Reasons Why Women Asking Men Out Should Become a Trend

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Whenever I suggest any girl ask her man out, the immediate reaction is a surprise. Even in today’s online dating era, we women wait for the man to approach us, start the conversation, take the lead and ask us out. I don’t understand why women asking men out on a date is still a big ‘No’ for many!

The irony is we, women, choose even the matches on dating apps only from among the swipes we already got. Most women don’t prefer to swipe first. Isn’t it almost like compelling ourselves to adjust with just the things we have in our hands, and not looking for better options?

Why Always Men Ask Women Out on a Date?

Why are we still confused about whether or not to ask a man out on a date? Men think it’s a woman’s ego. No, it’s not that. Many elements forced this mindset in women. However, the primary factor is our judgmental society. No blaming. This is how it has been for ages – men taking the lead and making the decisions about relationships.

Luckily, things are changing now; women asking men out on a date is not a surprise for many people. However, we, women, are still hesitating to put the step forward.

Women Asking Men Out: Let’s Make It a Trend

Society is changing day by day, towards the better side. Men are giving equal importance to women in every aspect of life. In fact, a few men consider women as superior and stronger for the way we handle both personal and professional responsibilities without complaints, which makes us feel special. So, what can we do for them? We should make them feel special too.

You are still not convinced?

Here are the 10 solid reasons why the trend of women asking men out on a date should go high!

1. He Might Be an Introvert

Do you know men are more afraid of rejection than women? The man you are into maybe a shy or introverted type that he is afraid of taking the first step. Maybe, he is terrified with an opinion that you would reject him if he fails to impress you. I don’t say men don’t ask women out anymore. However, there is less chance of him approaching you and asking you out if he is an introvert. So, you should not wait for him to take the lead unless you want to give yourself a chance to miss him. 

2. No More Waiting

We are in a century where we rush every minute. We hate waiting in the queues, for the Uber rides, and at the red light; then, why is it ok to wait for the man to take the first step when it comes to dating? It’s not cool. Waiting is purely a waste of time. Just stop waiting, start dating

Coffee and Conversation Make Things Easier and Bring Hearts Closer

3. You Will Get Out of the Confusion

You have been into him, and dreaming about him, day and night. In fact, you want to spend some quality time with him. But, you keep on postponing this because the question, “Should I ask him out or not?“, is stopping you. You cannot spend days, months and years with the never-ending confusion. One or the other day, you should know the fact. If he says yes, happy for you both. If he says no, you can plan what to do next; you can decide whether to forget him and move on or to try impressing him somehow. 

4. He Might Not Be Aware That You Are Into Him

Two possibilities are stopping you both go on a date. One, you don’t know whether he is interested in you or not. Two, he might not know that you are into him. Maybe, he is waiting to know your side of the story. If you both keep on waiting, the dating episode is never going to happen. Remember, not all men are good at reading signs. So, it’s better to put your feelings in words and ask him out. 

5. It Shows Your Confidence

You may be thinking that making the first move yourself will turn him off. No. Self-confidence is, in fact, one of the attributes that men love about women. If you are taking the first move, it shows your confidence. He will eventually fall for you. Additionally, by boosting up your self-confidence, you will stop depending on others to come and fix your problems. So, take a deep breath, bring out the confidence, step ahead and ask him out. 

6. You are Breaking the Stereotypes

Women can do anything that a man can. This is how we have been fighting for our equality. We broke the stereotypes in every possible field including jobs, sports, and politics. Women taking men on dates is not an impossible move. It’s high time we move from the passive side of the dating to the active side. When you are clear about your choices and striving hard to pursue them all, trying it in dating is way easier. Break the rule, ask him out. This is how you stand out from the crowd. 

7. You Can Avoid Competitors

Imagine that the guy you are into has been into some other girl. He is still waiting for the right time to approach her. If you ask him out on a date and he comes with you, he might forget her one day and fall for you. Of course, it all depends on how you are with him. However, this is all going to remain a dream if you don’t take the right step before they both start dating. 

8. Because Men Want Women to Ask Them Out

A woman coming forward and asking him out is still a dream for many men. In fact, they find it hot. If you are taking the lead and setting an example for your friends and colleagues, you are indirectly helping many men get rid of the stress of asking a girl out. It’s a big favour to the whole male community. You are a hero!

Finding the Right One Happens Only When You Get to Know Him More

9. You are Taking the Lead

Women love taking the lead at home or school or office. We want to prove that we can do it. Taking the lead is an achievement in fact. Not everybody can do that. Either you or he has to take the lead one day to let the dating happen. Ask yourself a question, “Why can’t I ask him out?” You will get the answer.

When you take the first step, not only will he be surprised, it will build his confidence too. He will be excited, “Yes, Somebody feels special about me!”

10. It’s for You Both

Dating or a relationship is a mutual benefit. It’s not just for him to leave it on him. If you understand this well, you should take the initiative and ask him out. If it works, you both are going to start a new life soon together. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Women Asking Men Out

I hope, by now, you already have understood the importance of women asking men out on a date. However, you cannot ask him out randomly without considering a few facts.

You should understand his

  • Level of interest on you 
  • Personality
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Hobbies
  • Opinion on dating
  • Favorite hangout places
  • Ideal first date idea: coffee, movie, dinner, dance night or a private space.  

Final Words

It’s not an offensive move to take the lead in dating. It is all about being positive. By asking a man out on a date, not only you are breaking the stereotypes, you are showing up your confidence too. Additionally, you are doing a favour to yourself by avoiding waiting time, confusion and competitors. 

To top it all, you are passing positive vibes around him and making him feel special. Isn’t that the ultimate thing you want? Make him feel special, you will feel special too. Happy dating! 

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