One Night Stand Experience – My Own Story

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One-Night Stand – using this term itself is a big sin. I am not sure what your opinion is on it, right now. You may change it by end of this post.

We all have some stories that we hesitate to share with the world. Because we don’t like the judgments people pass. And, this is the major reason for most of us choosing lie over the truth!

This is my story…. my experience!


‘This happened in 2007, back in Melbourne. I had a boyfriend, who was very much committed to me. I don’t want to reveal his name, so let’s call him X. The only problem between me and him was, he never used to get upset or angry with my behaviour even if I was wrong.

I was Upset One Day…

As they say, having too much sweet over time will make you fed up with it, I was very much bored of him saying, “Yes” and “OK” for everything I said and I did. I was too upset one day that I wanted him to get angry with me. I went out by the time he was home, and dropped a message saying, “I would come back only if you are really upset with me.”

Till then, the only time we were away from each other was when we were at our workplaces. Otherwise, he never used to go anywhere without me. At least, I used to hang out with friends now and then.

So, I got an idea that he would be upset if I was outside for the whole night. But, where should I go?

Where Did I Go?

He would definitely get to know if I was with any of my friends. So, I didn’t want to go to them.

As I didn’t know where to go, I killed time from 6 pm to around 11 pm by travelling within the city.

Then, went to a restaurant nearby. There were only about 3 to 4 people sitting there. Someone (Let’s name Y) was observing me throughout and approached me while I was about to get out of the place.

Y: “Are you okay?”

Me: “Yes… pretty much!”

Y: “I am sorry. But, I have been looking at you, and you do not seem to be okay”

Then I shared the whole story. Meanwhile, I was getting lots of messages and calls from X, saying he was missing me and asking me to come back home. But, those were not the messages I was waiting for.

Y: “Where you gonna go now?”

Me: “Not sure”

Y: “You can come to my home. Stay there. And, keep him informed that you were with a boy. Maybe, he would be upset then!”

What Did I Do?

First, I was not OK with the idea. I didn’t want to go to a stranger’s place. But, later got convinced, and went along.

Dropped a message to X, “I am here with a boy on a one-night stand. I won’t come back until you are angry with me!”

My man was not upset with me at all. He said, he knew me. He said, he was just missing me, and wanted me to be home. Even Y drafted some messages on my behalf and sent to him, and dozed off after a while.

I couldn’t sleep. I watched couple of movies through the night. Y woke up in the morning, and asked, “Wassup. What is your guy saying?”

Me: “He is not believing that I am with a stranger, and that too with a boy”, and shown all the messages my boyfriend sent to me.

Y: “Just chill now and call him. He is missing you very badly. Don’t upset him more. You should feel so blessed to have such a man in your life”, and completely brainwashed me.

Did I Go Back Home?

Then I shared the address to my BF, and he reached the place in no time. We both went emotional (the Bollywood way). And, meanwhile, Y came out. I introduced her to my boyfriend.

He started laughing, “Is this the boy you were talking about? I knew that!”

Y was not a boy; it was a girl. Since that night, she has been one of my good friends. We still keep laughing at the messages we both drafted and sent to my ex that night.

I am sure, you must be imagining a boy throughout the story. Sorry to disappoint you!

That’s how my one-night stand experience went… lol

Just a quick question, what did you think when you first read the title of this post? What is your opinion on the one-night stand? Do you think, we should judge others for the way they live their lives their own way?

I personally, don’t like to judge anyone by looking at their lifestyle. For me, it’s all about how he or she is with me. I really don’t like the way women being judged everywhere. Men or women – it’s their life!

Every human should have their own style of living and a good level of freedom. All that matters is, they should not hurt someone else for their own pleasure and happiness.


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