How to Get Matches on Tinder for Men – 60 Tips

A man looking at a woman's tinder profile and thinking to swipe right or left

Tindering is happening in every corner of the world now. The dating app is currently used in 196 countries. How to get matches on tinder is a haunting question for many, especially for men. However, it’s not as impossible as it may seem to get frequent right swipes.

Tinder is a full-time exercise for your fingers – right, left, right, right, left, right and more. It’s interesting but disappointing too – interesting because you see more profiles and hope to find matches, and disappointing because getting the right swipes is not so easy. So, how to get matches on tinder? Is there a way?

Yes, Here are the Top 60 Tips on How to Get Matches on Tinder!

You create a profile, add pictures, include beautiful quotes and pick up lines in your bio, link your Instagram profile, share your anthem, and do a lot many things to impress girls to get the right swipes, but you don’t get the matches as expected. The waiting period never ends sometimes. I suggest you apply all the following given tips below on your Tinder profile to start getting matches soon. These 60 tips, actually, fall under 4 categories – photographs, bio, Tinder algorithm, and other factors

Photographs – The Major Source

Photographs are very important when you are using a dating app. People go more with photographs. It doesn’t mean they don’t care for bio and other factors; they do, but your pictures make the first impression. As they say, the first impression is the best impression, try impressing girls with your pictures first. So, apply the below tips while uploading your photos on tinder.

  1. Lack of smile or having a serious/angry man face is a big turn off for women. A gentle/warm smile helps you grab her attention to let her look deep into your profile.  
  2. You may look cute/hot in a selfie for yourself, but people don’t like selfies. So, better take help from somebody to have good photographs taken.
  3. Say no to pictures with sunglasses/hat. Girls want to see your real looks. These things cover up your face.
  4. Make sure the photos you are uploading are of good quality and have enough lighting.
  5. If you look good, great. However, something that matters more is how you are presenting yourself.
  6. Outdoor pictures look more attractive. Go with indoor pictures only if the background looks beautiful or luxurious with rich lighting.
  7. Upload a picture with a pet. It’s an instant attraction (women think it takes lots of patience and responsibility to nurture a pet). No pet? Don’t worry. Try borrowing a pet for a few minutes from a friend or even a stranger on the street who has got his dog for an evening walk. Don’t forget to thank them!
  8. Travel and adventure photos go well on Tinder – Bungy Jumping, Kayaking, Sky diving, Hiking and more. If you are into any such, make use of them!
  9. Upload one or two photos in short sleeves too.
  10. Solo pics are preferred, particularly for the profile picture. By uploading a group photo as a profile picture, you are giving a puzzle to solve and find out who you are among the group. Girls don’t want to waste time on puzzles. It’s a quick left!
  11. Include a group photo in the later ones if you think it will add grace to your profile, but make sure the other person(s) looks less attractive than you. This will enhance your looks!
  12. Choose the best one as your profile picture among all the photos. Choose the one that highlights your best features. Remember, the profile picture is the deciding factor to swipe through your other photos and look into your bio.
  13. Say no to pictures with just girls. They will judge you as a playboy (if there are multiple girls) or as committed (if there is only one girl).
A man with a husky dog
  1. You may look cool to yourself with an alcohol bottle in hand, not for most of the girls. Maybe a glass of wine on the table and you sitting on the chair next looks good. In the second case, you look socialized, whereas the first one showcases you more as an alcoholic. Arjun Reddy looks cool only on-screen, not off-screen!
  2. No cigarettes too.
  3. No one wants to see your six-pack abs. Save them for fashion shows and competitions. If you are looking for a potential match, don’t go shirtless. Women find the same body more attractive when you wear a shirt.
  4. Don’t just upload one picture. They want to see you in different looks. Moreover, just a single photo can make your profile look fake.
  5. Try uploading different pictures with different shots – a full-body shot, a couple of face shots from different angles, a picture where you are doing your favorite activity/hobby, and so on.
  6. Picture with your favorite food is a good idea. Food is a man’s best friend you see!
  7. Dilated pupils grab quick attention. Your eyes look more attractive. You can’t manipulate them in realtime if you have smaller eyes, but you can trick them for a picture. Looking straight into the camera lens is one trick. However, make sure you look natural.
  8. Wear bright colors for photos, and save neutral colors for dates. Studies show red outfits stand on the top, on Tinder. Give it a go!
  9. Wear a variety of outfits in different photos, but make sure whatever you are wearing suits you well.
  10. Don’t use filters.
  11. Show the pictures to your female friends before posting on Tinder. They are the best critics to let you know if the photos you have chosen are helpful to get matches on Tinder or not.
  12. You can include your favorite quote as a last picture if you think it’s too big to include in your bio.
  13. Avoid uploading passport photographs.
  14. Avoid uploading funny or embarrassing photos.
  15. Don’t think too much about posting the photos in the right order. Enable Smart Photos feature and it will do the job for you

Bio – The Real Hero

Tinder Bio Simple to the point and impressive

You have uploaded your pictures; you are half done. How many ever photos you have uploaded, they alone will not help you get potential matches on Tinder. You need to build an impressive bio too to get more right swipes. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Don’t ever keep the bio section blank. It’s a disaster.
  2. There are some girls that still exist who go more with bio than pictures. Once, I saw my cousin swiping even the most handsome guys to the left. When I asked why, she said, “Nowadays, most of the men are following proper diet, workout regimen and skincare to look good. Most of them are looking good, but what they miss is discipline, manners, and human emotions. So, I prefer going with bio.” So, make sure your bio reflects your personality to let the reader understand what kind of a person you are.
  3. The best Tinder bio tip I can offer here is to be open. There are thousands of matches around your area. There will be at least one person who would like you the way you are. So, try not to fake.
  4. Girls don’t want to read long bios unless you are way creative with words and have a great storytelling skills.
  5. Avoid using complex terminology. Use simple language.
  6. Mention what exactly you are looking for so that you will get only potential swipes. What is the use of matching with her now and unmatching later as she gets to know that you both are looking for two different things?
  7. Share your hobbies/interests/passions. Don’t make it a big list. Include only the top ones that you are really into.
  8. Share your idea of an ideal date. If you want to know more about date ideas, you can check my article on Dating and Date Ideas.
  9. A pickup line may be helpful but copying the same old ones from the internet that have been used and seen thousands of times is not cool. You can make slight changes to the existing ones, or better to come up with your own pickup line. Be creative!
  10. Don’t share lengthy experiences, especially about your past relationships and breakups. Tinder is not the right place for sympathy.
  11. You can talk a little about your flaws too. You can try, “I crack jokes; but I dunno why people laugh at me, not at my jokes” or “I am badly and very badly addicted to Game of Thrones.”
  12. Don’t go with regular lines like, “73% gentleman, 27% rogue!” It’s high time to keep such lines into vintage collection for future generations.
  13. Put up an interesting question in your bio, but only if you think it will create curiosity in the reader to swipe you right and ask about it.
  14. Don’t use dirty or intimate words.
  15. Including a dialogue (should be a familiar one) from your favorite movie can give an idea about what kind of a person you are.
  16. Include your education/job profile in your bio depending on your comfort level. Studies show that men with higher education or a good job get more swipes compared to others. Don’t miss the chance, especially if you are into a unique job that many women dream about – fighter pilot, for instance.
  17. Try to play funny with the words, but make sure not to go offensive.
  18. Include emojis here and there to let the viewer connect to you more and swipe you right.
  19. Don’t forget to end the bio with a call to action line, such as, “Now that you have got to know a little about me, swipe right to know more and help me quit Tinder!”

Tinder Alogirthm – The Top Secret

You have uploaded pics and updated bio too; you are almost done. But there is an important thing you need to know about – the algorithm.

  • Tinder revealed that it wants to satisfy its users’ best interests. It says it doesn’t want to waste your time by showing inactive profiles. Its algorithm is developed in such a way that it shows only active profiles that match your requirements. So, going online often will help you get more matches on Tinder.
  • Do you know about Tinder Elo score? It’s a secret score Tinder used to give to its users based on their swiping behavior and the right/left swipes pattern they used to get. People used to be very careful in swiping randomly to save their score. Its algorithm is no more functioning on Elo score, as officially declared by Tinder in the month of March 2019. So, stop worrying about the score. However, swiping randomly will not fetch you real matches. Make sure to read bios to know their match preferences to stop wasting time for a swipe back.
  • Tinder shows you profiles depending on your explicit preferences too. It takes your gender, location and age preferences into account while showing you profiles. However, if you are in your 50s and select age preference as 20s, the 20-year-olds profiles too should keep their age preference to 50s to have their profiles visible to you. Here, you are losing possible potential matches because of unrealistic preferences. So, don’t go too crazily while setting up preferences. Be realistic.
Man and woman on cycle going on a date

Other Factors that You Should Consider

Hang on, we are not yet done. Here are some final tips you need to focus on to get more swipes.

  • Don’t forget to verify your email.
  • If you are serious about getting matches on Tinder and getting into realtime dating, investing in Tinder Gold is a good idea. It comes with many added advantages; the major one is you can see those profiles that have already swiped you right. You can swipe them right if you like their profile and it’s a match. You might miss the same match with a regular Tinder account in a rush, where you can’t go back.
  • Give a catchy and attractive name for your tinder profile. Think creatively, but make sure it matches your personality or looks.
  • Linking Instagram is a great advantage. However, don’t link it if you have no proper bio or interesting posts there.
  • Connect your facebook.
  • Showcase your anthem.
  • If you are specific about matches, be more open. Change your age/location preferences by 2 or 3 numbers to increase the possibility of reaching your potential match.
  • Read their bio and swipe only if you think they really match your requirements. No wasting of time.
  • If you loved someone’s bio, found it unique and perfect for you, give a super like to show your extreme interest in them. Girls visit back the profiles when they see a super like. So with the above-given tips as you already have an interesting profile, you have a more chance of getting a swipe back here. However, don’t waste your super likes on random profiles just to get a swipe back. It doesn’t work that way.
  • As I already mentioned, Tinder shows you profiles based on your profile settings and preferences. So, try to give as much information to Tinder as you are comfortable with.

Final Words

The same way as it happens with offline dating, you face obstacles and get a pause at every step of your Tinder journey too – from creating a profile to getting the matches, and starting the conversation to asking your match out on a date. Don’t scratch your head too much; Tinder is not a science mystery. As long as your words are creative and intentions are clear, you will see the potential matches coming up in no time. Happy tindering!

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