About Me

Am I Certified Dating and Relationship Counselor? Sorry, no!

Don’t you think we don’t need to be professionally certified to solve our everyday issues? It’s all about our experiences, understanding and problem-solving skills. I have been helping my friends, family members, colleagues, and many others to sort out their Dating and Relationship issues, for more than 14 years.

Does it make sense now and do you think I am eligible to help you out?
Why Dating and Relationship?

Dating, Relationship, Marriage, Emotions, Breakup, and Depression– these are the perfect topics for me to kick start a conversation. I am very passionate about understanding the details behind how two strangers connect emotionally and then what makes them obsessed with each other gradually to stay together.

It gives me an excitement to try and understand the emotional ignition between the two: how they get hitched and make family, live together for ages, fight with each other at times and decide either to give them another chance or to give up.

I have been deeply observing all the ups and downs happening in many relationships around me. This has helped me understand what works and what not works in a relationship.

Where Did It All Start?

There is an expert Relationship Coach, in my family, I grew up watching; that’s my maternal Grandmother. She is a hero: a straightforward and commanding lady. She used to help couples by – counselling them, guiding them, helping them to build a stronger bond.

Sometimes, we learn and move on. Sometimes, we don’t move – we get stuck, go down, lose confidence, and feel depressed and lost. After being in this phase for a while, we learn to stand strong, fight the situation and bounce back. The whole process gives us new hope.

I learned the same lesson thrice. I have been in this Dating and Relationship loop for almost two decades and learned quite a lot. Improvisation matters, you see!

As a middle-class child, growing up in a joint family and later located in different geographical areas, I watched different people dealing with relationships in different ways – foolishly, irresponsibly, effectively, practically and maturely. It all helped me get an idea on which ones work and which don’t.

What can I do for you?

I am not here to promise you a happy relationship right away, but you will surely learn a lot here that can help you resolve most of the issues that you face at every stage of your relationship.

I assure to be a great support for you in choosing someone, going on a date, getting together, seeing each other, checking compatibility, deciding if you are marriage ready, planning your personal space and a lot more.

If you are married or in a relationship and facing any issue or difficulty, I am just a message away to help you sort it out. Remember, every problem comes with a solution!

I wish to see you coming back here again and again, not only with problems alone but to keep learning something new to stay motivated and connected in your relationship.

I have been offering WhatsApp, On-Call and In-Person (available only in Chennai) Counseling Sessions for Singles, Committed and Married Couples. Get in touch with me to solve your dating & relationship issues.

Thank you!

“The best mantra to be happy in a relationship is to fall in love with each other one more time, every time!” – Mrs. Persistent