A man and Woman going on a boat ride in a river inside forest

What is Dating All About?

The number of people getting into dating has been increasing lately. It was purely a western thing earlier. Now it’s spreading around the world. However, many are still confused about its real definition. When you ask somebody “what is dating?”, you get different answers.…

Couple sitting apart on sofa not talking to each other upset

4 Major Signs of a Loveless Marriage. What to do?

We all fall in love, impress, take owes, get married, live together and make a family. It’s the magic of life. Whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged marriage, love is to happen. Maybe it happens a little late in an arranged marriage.…

A man looking at a woman's tinder profile and thinking to swipe right or left

How to Get Matches on Tinder for Men – 60 Tips

Tindering is happening in every corner of the world now. The dating app is currently used in 196 countries. How to get matches on tinder is a haunting question for many, especially for men. However, it’s not as impossible as it may seem to get…